• Mechanical construction 2D/3D (Catia V5, Inventor, AutoCAD, ReCap, RobotWare/Studio)
  • Support services for adherence to construction conformity following VW and BMW PRISMA guidelines
  • Electronic engineering (EPLAN)
  • Construction of pneumatic and media supply
  • Control technology and visualisation
  • SPS programming
  • Programming of robots on/offline (KUKA, Fanuc, ABB, Panasonic)
  • Software-engineering
  • Project engineering and planning services
  • Technical evaluations (FEM, analytical)
  • Damage analysis
  • Contractual construction, optimisation and revision construction
  • Drawings and technical documentation
  • Partner in current research and development projects

Engineering sets the course for a project which increases the importance of knowledgeable and long-sighted decision making. Our strength is to face complex problems with simple, robust solutions. Design to cost is important, even at bidding stage. We therefore look for the most economical solution – always considering potential follow-up costs. This enables us to support our customers in budgeting and conceptual design.

Our advantage is the combination of all engineering areas which enables inter-divisional thinking. Looking for mechanical manufacturing with modern work solutions, electronic and control developments, SPS and robot programming or technical calculations and modifications- we offer tailor-made solutions which are highly flexible. As a partner in research and development programs, we work on future innovations. Let us know how we can help your business!