Container construction

  • Development, prototype manufacturing and serial production
  • Specialised loading equipment for manual and automatic extraction
  • Revision construction, optimisation and reconstruction of loading equipment
  • Skeleton containers
  • Universal loading equipment (tanks, flat steel pallets, post pallets)
  • JIS/JIT frameworks
  • Special frameworks for plastic parts
  • Special frameworks for particular chemical demands
  • NEWS: new production plant in Slovakia from April 2017

Particularly in the automotive industry, manufactures and suppliers are increasingly relying on individual transport solutions when it comes to production of engines, chassis parts, sensitive components and accessories. We implement economical solutions, i.e. specialised loading equipment for frame and body construction, final fits, engine support frames, axle frameworks, transportation frames for interior door panels, centre consoles and loads more. In order to not hinder the flow of materials, we rely on just-in-time strategies. This means we do not let customers down, even in cases where additional functions are suddenly required or if the construction changes. Our experience in developing prototypes as well as our competitive sample construction, offer a solid base for an on-schedule start of your production.

Our new production site in Slovakia, which opened in April 2017, enables us to economically produce small and large batch series which offers additional benefits for our customers.