Equipment manufacturing

  • Hoisting and handling devices
  • Rotating devices and assembly fixtures
  • Screw stations and assembly supporting devices
  • Test stations and systems for quality control
  • Paint equipment
  • Logistical equipment (JIT/JIS frames, trolleys, carts)
  • Cable and line systems
  • Pedestals and stairs
  • Security fencing
  • Steel construction and statics
  • Development to start-up – custom made

Not only complex and automated machines form part of a turn-key production. There are also small appliances and tools which are needed to successfully produce automobiles and their components. This is why we offer our customers the support equipment needed for assembly, painting and transport. We also implement simple automation solutions such as half-automated drills, screw stations, test bays and quality control systems. In the periphery of your production line, we can offer cable and line systems, pedestals, stairs, security fences as well as the required steel constructions. We develop and produce custom-made solutions. By doing so we are closing the gap between catalogue products and individual needs in the automation area.