Machine and production plant engineering

Ideas to suit you!

  • Purpose build production lines from idea to commissioning
  • Welding and assembly automation
  • Lifting, skid conveyance and loading technologies
  • Special purpose systems for automotive, supply and logistics industry
  • Storage systems, goods storage and intra-logistic solutions
  • Special purpose machinery
  • Assembly and handling technology
  • Audit and quality control test bays, light tunnels
  • Steel constructions including statics
  • Quality management in adherence to DIN EN ISO 9001

The better the idea the better your chances of winning in the market and we’re striving towards solving complex problems through simple, economic solutions. Excellent automation processes call for lateral thinking and getting involved in its products and processes.

Our company offers 30 years of experience and a broad spectrum of technical know-how in system delivery. We offer anything from complex welding components to fully automated assembly lines for a variety of traction chain components, transmission components, climate control units and module mounts. Our experts are always on hand to support with goods storage solutions and storage systems for the consumer goods and intralogistics industry to body frame transfer stations, skid conveyor technology and vertical lift systems in the automotive industry. We support every step of the way to the finish line. 

As prime contractor, we offer global tailor-made solutions and take charge of the overall developmental process – from concept planning to starting the facility as well as after sales services:

  • Supplier regulation and project management
  • Facility design, automation concepts and specification sheet design
  • Simulation
  • Development and construction (mechanical/electronic)
  • Control and communication systems, robotics and SPS programming
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Assembly and start-up
  • Support start-up of serial production
  • Quality management