Quality, flexibility and punctuality

Quality, flexibility and punctuality

Since its foundation in 1998, IDH has been synonymous with quality, flexibility and exceptional punctuality in the area of industrial construction services. Our ability to quickly adapt to changes is vital in the automobile, supplier, logistics and transport industry. Rapid type changes, shorter innovation cycles and increasing competition demand exemplary motivation and in-depth knowledge.

We put the customer first in everything we do. Being a medium sized company with flat hierarchy levels enables us to react quickly to changing requirements. Flexibility is our strength and your advantage. We guarantee anytime support including Sundays and bank holidays, 24/7 anywhere in the world.

Our quality management is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified.

20 years professional experience

Our 20 years professional experience means we can rely on a wealth of knowledge. Our know-how doesn’t just evolve around organisational project-based processes but also primarily around our second to none technological expertise. Our staff passes their mechanical, technical, pneumatic, hydraulics, engineering and programming knowledge from generation to generation. This helps us guarantee continuous professional competencies, exceptional reliability and simple processes with strict adherence to timescales.

Main competencies: frame and body construction

Our main competencies in the assembly sector are to provide a variety of facilities for frame and body construction. When it comes to underbody assembly, engine bay production, side panel production, framing systems, roof automation, door assembly and mounting lines, our experienced staff know every process and technology from assembly, retooling, relocation and decommissioning to integration. We support the full spectrum: project management, documentation, logistics, rigging, precision assembly, SPS and robot technology, electrical and media supply, measuring technology, commissioning, start-up support, servicing, maintenance and repair.

Global network

We always put the customer at the heart of our services and our global network offers local support in market specific demands or responsible global projects. IDH Anlagen- und Montage Bau with its subsidiaries in Germany, Mexico, Russia, Slovakia and China is always where our customers need us.

Always good ideas – automation to suit you!

We are motivated by our enthusiasm for simple, robust and ingenious solutions, whether this is around production automation, a production facility or resource. Building on our past experience, we develop assembly lines, products and procedures for a permanent optimisation of your production, assembly and logistic and transport processes. We develop what suits you! Profitability, flexibility and adaptability of your production plant are as important as its punctual and high quality assembly. Our engineers with their 30 years experience are working with you to always find the best and most economical solution for you.

Turn-Key partners in machine and production plant construction

As turn-key partner in the area of machine and production plant construction we take responsibility for the complete development process of a new production line. We offer full support from interdepartmental collaboration of mechanical and electrical construction, on- and offline programming, measuring technology, commissioning, start-up support to compliance with cost and performance goals as well as supplier management.


Our employees generate market success through technical expertise, independent decision making, motivation and enthusiasm. We encourage an open and honest working environment free from hierarchical obstacles. This and our in-house apprenticeship and professional development programmes are important elements of our company philosophy which makes for a happy and satisfied workforce.